3. Skincare & Shaving Products for all Skin Types

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JK Collagen Eye Gel

JK Collagen Eye Gel contains Collagen, Pure Aloe Vera Gel and extract of Cucumber to brighten your eyes and repair the under eye skin, combating the tell-tale signs agining.


JK Collagen Facial Moisturiser

Fight the signs of aging with JK Collagen Facial Moisturiser for healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin.


JK Exfoliating Skin and Scalp Scrub

JK Exfoliating Scrub with Ground Almonds and Olive Kernels gently exfoliates the skin and scalp, removing dead skin cells, dirt and pollution to reveal radiant skin.


JK Facial Cleanser

JK Facial Cleanser gently cleanses your skin whilst keeping it soft and hydrated. Wiith lavender, chamomile and sea buckthorn, it naturally repairs the skin.


JK Moisturising Shaving Balm

So give skin some restorative TLC with this post-shave wonder.


JK Moisturising Shaving Cream

Perfect for shaving with a straight razor


JK Moisturising Shaving Gel

A see-through shaving gel that allows you to shave with pin-point accuracy. A must for goatees!