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About Jamie Kidd

Jamie Kidd proprietor / CEO of JK Hair Replacement, has been involved in the hair industry for over 30 years. He specialises in creating and inventing solutions to hair loss and hair thinning from a variety of hair loss conditions.

He has developed and designed unique, creative hair systems for some of Ireland’s, the UK and the USA’s elite and bespoke clients. He invented Folli-FUSE® which is the Celebrities Choice for non-surgical hair replacement.

He has developed and perfected incredible hair loss solutions such as JK Laser Hair Therapy which has a 95% success rate.

He is also the creator of the famous Jamie Kidd / JK Hair range of hair care products. His hair care range includes shampoos, conditioners, styling products, cosmetic hair thickening products, maintenance sprays, hair protection products, scalp cleansers, scalp adhesives and removers.

Early Years

Jamie knew he wanted to be involved in the hair industry since he was thirteen years old. Securing an apprenticeship at the age of sixteen, Jamie was already starting to make his mark. Only six months into his apprenticeship, he won his first hairdressing award in a competition held by Redken.

To further his apprenticeship training, Jamie sought out the then Master of Hairdressing, and Chairman of the Irish Hairdressing Federation of Ireland, to train under. He progressed rapidly through the ranks, and within a couple of months became his mentors P.A.

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Career Development

After achieving many awards for non-surgical hair restoration, including becoming an Inter-Salon Champion, Jamie then went on to become a Master Hair Technician himself. Throughout his career he has been involved in the teaching of some of Dublin’s and London’s highly skilled and famous hair technicians, sharing his knowledge throughout his career. After becoming an Artistic Director, Senior Stylist, Manager and Senior Educator, in his mid twenties, he would take his summer holidays then go to upmarket Maida Vale, London, to his friend’s salon, work in the salon and teach the staff advanced hair cutting and colour techniques. After achieving many awards including becoming an Intersalon Champion, he went on to perform in demonstrations to fellow technicians in countless shows.

Since then, he has developed hair loss solutions and hair systems for Ireland’s, the UK and the USA’s elite and bespoke clients. He has developed his own patented brand of hair care products.

“True craftsmen can never be satisfied. They spend every day trying to improve what they make.” – Jamie Kidd

Jamie brings 40 years hair experience from his mentor and over 30 years of his own experience together and puts his knowledge of art, and JK Hair Technology together to create the ultimate hair systems and hair loss solutions available.

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Meet with Jamie Kidd , Ireland’s Number 1 Hair Replacement Expert

Jamie personally meets with every client to give them his time, complete attention and expertise to create the most sought after hair loss solutions in the country! He is the Hair Replacement Specialist of many of the world’s top Celebrities. For your opportunity to meet him,  book online or call 01-8824013  for your opportunity to meet him in person!