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Welcome to JK Hair Replacement

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JK Hair Replacement takes pride in creating solutions that make a real impact on the lives of our clients.

Our Hair Replacement Systems are individually designed and crafted by our own top hair replacement stylist to meet the distinct needs of each client. A top hair replacement stylist guides the client throughout the whole process from initial consultation through to fitting and maintenance. There are no sales people, just highly qualified technicians and stylists who are passionate about hair.

The Hair Loss Prevention treatment and techniques that we offer, are all individually tailored to each client. The programmes that we create for clients attack hair loss from multiple fronts to give each client the best chance at preventing hair loss.

When it comes to Hair Care Products, at JK Hair Replacement we draw on over 25 years experience to hand pick the very best products for our clients needs. We offer a wide range to suit almost every hair type.

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