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About 36 minutes into the first episode of the eighth series of the hugely popular BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, many sufferers of Trichotillomania were left ‘upset’ and ‘uncomfortable’. The scene has been branded as ‘insensitive’ as it shows stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman pulling out their hair. The BBC show received many complaints.

Just after halfway through the programme, Peter Capaldi (the Doctor), who at the time was seen to be in an intense conversation with Clara Oswald (Ms Coleman), begins to pull his hair out before then pulling out the hair of his co-star. After pulling her hair out he remarks to Clara ‘it was the only one out of place, I am sure you would have wanted it killed’.

Such a scene, could trigger people into doing it themselves whether they already suffer from the condition or not.

Trichotillomania is disorder which is not widely known whereby the individual has a compulsive urge to pull out their hair which can lead to noticeable hair loss and balding. The condition is an impulse-control disorder – a psychological condition where the person is unable to stop carrying out a particular action. Sufferers experience growing anxiety until they pull their hair out. Once they have achieved their goal, they feel a sense of relief – despite their actions often causing bald patches.

Trichotillomania can cause negative feelings, such as guilt. It is not known what causes trichotillomania, but there are several theories. Some experts believe hair pulling is a type of addiction, others believe it may be a symptom of a mental health problem and a way of relieving stress or anxiety. In some cases, trichotillomania may be a form of self-harm, where a person will deliberately harm themselves as a way of seeking temporary relief from emotional distress.

Many of our clients suffer with Trichotillomania and this blog seeks to increase awareness of the condition. Hopefully due to the flurry of complaints over this scene, awareness and understanding about this condition will prevail.

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