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Jason’s Story

Jason was 17 and his parents noticed personality changes that were getting more extreme. His moods were moving through from depression to anger. He stopped wanting to go out and started to isolate himself from his friends. His father Pat and mother Breda and teachers suspected the worst and came to the conclusion that he

Robert’s Story

I thankfully found JK Hair Replacement, after having had a very disappointing experience with a very well known, large American Hair Replacement Company (with a UK branch in England).   Having known very little about hair replacement, I unfortunately put my trust in this company, thinking they could give me the advice and expertise needed

Mary’s Story

Where to start, after years of staying indoors, and not even going to the local shop!, I decided it was time to do something about my hair loss.  From the age of 20 I have suffered from alopecia, I’m now in my fifties, and after many attempts to find someone that can do my hair exactly the way

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Exceeding client’s expectations is the foundation for everything we do and our clients reward us by letting us know how good they feel.

“I have been wearing hair 20 years now. I have been a client of many companies and you are the most dedicated and honest hair restoration company I have dealt with. Others only wanted my money and lied to me about what I was getting. It impresses me the way you constantly improve your products, you are a real leader in the hair industry. In my opinion JK Hair have got everything right from customer service to finished product. And also you are an Irish owned company. It is a pleasure to deal with a real hair expert unlike other companies whose consultants are smooth talking, hyped up ‘ex-car salesmen’ in suits. Keep up the good work.”

Christine O’Sullivan

“It’s really great to know that you will cut in systems bought from other suppliers at a great price too. Them other places are rip-offs! I’ll be ordering from you next time.”

Donal McGrath

“Hi Jamie, getting one of your hair systems is the best thing I’ve done. Girls are noticing me again. I can’t believe how confident I feel. I’m on top of the world. Thank you sooo much JK Hair.”

Patricia Gallagher

“I got such a shock when after my second pregnancy my hair began to thin. It was most noticeable at the top. I was very embarrassed and self concious about it. I came in for the free consultation and tried a three month program of Laser Therapy. Within a few weeks my hair loss stopped and my hair felt thicker and healthier. Now I’m on my second course, in the fifth month of Laser and my hair is growing back! I’m so happy, I’m not afraid of looking in the mirror any more. I would recommend trying Laser as it’s worked great for me.”

Fiona Deignan

“Hey. Guess what? My new girlfriend hasn’t copped on I’m wearing a system yet! So undetectable. P.S. I will tell her soon!”

Gerry Spencer

“There’s a lot of stuff on the net saying laser doesn’t work. Well it is working for me. Hair has stopped falling out and my hair is looking thicker already!”

Nathan Reynalds

“Morning Jamie. Thanks for the new hair cut. I’m getting lots of compliments. I’m so happy!”

Catherine Flynn

“After playing a three day football competition, the hair is still the same as the first day you put it on. Thanks!”

Eddie Drayne

“Wow, 400 lasers! I wasn’t expecting results so fast. The way your laser programme combines the treatments is really working! PS Can I book in Sat @ 1pm please?”

Martin Young

“My father and two brothers lost their hair young. I already had recessions and thinning hair by twenty and it made me feel awful inside. Because my brothers and father had already lost their hair completely, I knew that’s what was happening to me. I wasn’t sure if anything would work because it’s hereditary but I decided to try the JK Laser Hair Loss Prevention Program to see if it would help. I was amazed with how quickly my hair loss stopped and how thick and strong my hair got. My brothers are jealous that I still have my hair! When they were my age, they were completely bald.”

Ciaran Mannion

“JK Hair, I’m delighted with the results of the laser. I have GOT back my confidence big time. I’m delighted I found a solution to my thinning hair problem. Thank you.”

Sandra O’Rourke

“Hi again, sorry for texting on a Sunday. Remember you said that I look years younger with my new hair system and you were joking that I’d need ID for the pubs? Well I was stopped by two bouncers last night and asked for ID! LOL!”

Gavin Leonard

“Hi Jamie, me again. Hair settled down after two days as you said it would. I’m glad you wouldn’t cut more off. Perfect length and density”

Keith Galligan

“Hi Jamie, I’m one week into the holiday. It’s 30 degrees celcius over here and the bond is holding excellent. Have been scuba diving and snorkelling and no bother. Keep ya posted!”

Jack Bennett

“I’ve tried “laser” before in a different clinic a few years ago with no results! I remember there were gaps between the lasers so there were gaps on my scalp which weren’t getting treatment. But with your new machine and laser treatment programme, there are no gaps on my scalp and all the surface gets treated. There’s such a big difference, my hair is noticeably getting thicker and I’m delighted to see my hair coming back.”

Michael Boland

“Jamie, just tried your Moisture Extra Shampoo and Conditioner. Wow, they work exactly as you said! Sorry for being doubtful. Talk to you soon. Thanks.”

Susan Kennedy

“Hey Jamie, the hair is EXCELLENT, you nailed it again. You genius!”

Jessie Lynch

“Everyone is noticing my thicker hair! 3 months ‘Lasering’ so far. It feels great to have my confidence again. Thank you so much.”

Tessa Sheehan

“Hi Jamie, hope you’re enjoying your Christmas. Hair is working out great, density and wave are perfect. You nailed it!

Michelle O’Reilly

“Hi Jamie, thanks a million for the emergency fitting yesterday. You’re an absolute life saver!”

Mark Whelan


“Thanks for the good cut in. Hair is looking good.”


“Hi Jamie, just wanna let you know I’m delighted with the fitting. It’s the best style you gave me.”

Anthony Swan

“Hi Jamie, would you be free next Sat morn for an appointment? Hair is absolutely BRILLIANT, the best ever. If you could work your magic on the other one, that would be superb.”

Michael Joyce

“Hi Jamie, just wanna let you know I’m delighted with the two new pieces you cut for me. You’re the best!”

John Doyle

Are you sure you’re not a councillor also? It was amazing to see you bring my son’s personality back. He was so depressed before with his hair loss. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. Thanks a million.”

Breda and Patrick

“Thanks very very much for today. Really appreciate it. You’re so talented at your job. So many people at the hotel have said ‘oh love the hair style’. So great! Thanks a million again.”

Peter Redmond

“What can I say. You are the best hair-replacement technician I’ve met. My hair has never looked and felt so good. P.S. Your PH Protect Spray is brilliant.”


“Whats the story Jamie. That new bond you used last time really worked. Three weeks now! Yipee!”

Anto Murphy

“Thanks for fitting me in earlier.”

Mary O’Donnell

“Thanks a million once again for doing my hair the other day. Absolutely LOVE IT again as always. You’re gifted. Definitely ordering the same type of hair again.”

Jeremy O’Connor

“My husband lost his personality and confidence along with losing his hair. I’m delighted he has all these back now. Thanks so much.”

Lisa Keith

“Talk about testing my new hair system to the max Jamie! I went skydiving, scariest thing ever but I kept my hair on, thanks, see you next month!”

Jason Mulligan

“I never expected to start losing my hair at 19 years of age, as my dad and brothers still have lots of hair. After a couple of people commented on my thinning hair, it began to affect my confidence. I was finding it hard to style my hair without drawing attention to the balding parts and was resorting to growing it long and doing a comb over to hide it which led to more comments. To anyone who went through this like me, you have to try Laser. After a few months, my hair began to grow back and it’s so healthy. I only get positive comments about how well my hair looks now. Thanks JK.  “

Pierce Brennan

“Thanks for all the advice.”

Pete Donoghue

“I really love your Hair Thickening Shampoo and products. They really work. I have my wife using them too now! Can I get some more off ye next Tuesday?”

Thomas Daly

“Hi guys, Wow, I just saw your JK Keratin Hair Building Fibers demo video and amazed at how well they work! Can I schedule a Consultation? Best Regards. ”

Eimear Malley

“The best company I have ever gone with, great service and always on the phone to help out. Thanks.”

Barry Kavanagh

“Hi. Thanks a million for my cut in yesterday. I’m looking brilliant again. You’re gifted at your job. You should be doing more high profile stuff. Talk soon.”

Emmet Moore

“Hi Jamie. Thank you for creating this hair system for me. I am really happy with the design and hair type you chose for me. It’s the closest thing to a baldness cure. My new hair has given me the confidence to go out and socialise again. Now I don’t hide in the house anymore.”

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

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