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Welcome to our gallery where you will find authentic before and after pictures of our hair loss treatment results. The majority of our clients ask us for natural looking hair styles that make them blend in with the crowd rather than stand out with exaggerated hair show, hair styles which would definitely draw attention to them. Our speciality is creating natural looking hair styles that are easy to manage for everyday wear that blend in with the everyday world around us so that nobody will know you have had our treatment done. Sure isn’t that what we all want! However, if our client wants a more overly exaggerated look, we can accommodate that too. Our photographs speak for themselves and are all taken in our private treatment rooms in our Glasnevin clinic. We have copyrighted our photographs to prevent other companies from passing off our work as their own as has happened in the past. Be aware that many companies use photographs that are outdated, not their own and taken randomly from the internet

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