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Our collaborators: Pat, Breda & Jason | Category: Hair Replacement Systems

Jason was 17 and his parents noticed personality changes that were getting more extreme. His moods were moving through from depression to anger. He stopped wanting to go out and started to isolate himself from his friends. His father Pat and mother Breda and teachers suspected the worst and came to the conclusion that he must be taking drugs as his behavioural changes indicated a typical teenage drug user. This behavour was going on for months with no real evidence of drug use. Eventually he confessed to his mother that it was the onset of his hair loss that changed him.

He was always wearing hats but I thought it was a fashion thing.

An appointment was made for a consultation and custom design session. During the consultation appointment Jason refused to look at himself in the mirror, kept his eyes closed and barely spoke.
Jamie created a personal/custom made hair system for Jason and invited him back a few weeks later for the fitting. Jason was still very withdrawn during the fitting and his head remained bowed down during the entire session, but I kept him tuned in and even got the odd laugh from him. His mother was waiting outside and she came to the door to see when she heard his laughter. When the fitting was finished Jason raised his head opened his eyes, stood up, ran his fingers through his hair and smiled. His mother started to cry and said “my son is back. Thank you so much “ and hugged me. Jason turned to me and said “I love It”

It was amazing to see the transformation of my sons hair and personality, it was as if Jason’s demons were removed that day, he went out on the town with his friends that night, full of confidence and in a great mood