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Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy

Ireland's #1 Choice for Thinning Hair

Experience the power of JK Laser Hair Therapy, boasting up to a 95% success rate in reversing hair loss. Our innovative approach, developed by Jamie Kidd in collaboration with a leading Italian Laser Hair Specialist Company, stands out with its unique laser dispersion technology. Unlike traditional systems that target limited areas, our ‘shotgun’ approach ensures comprehensive scalp coverage, reaching the base of each hair follicle for optimal results.

JK Laser Hair Therapy: The Science Behind Regrowth

Harness the scientifically proven spectrum for hair regrowth with our state-of-the-art JK Laser Cap, containing 272 real lasers. Unlike outdated technologies or ineffective LEDs used by others, our cutting-edge system ensures rapid and substantial hair regrowth, making it the most effective solution in Ireland and globally.

Accessible & Supported

Our JK Laser Cap Package equips you with everything needed for at-home treatment, backed by our comprehensive online and phone support. For inquiries call 01-8824013 or whatsapp us on 085-8640738.

High Success Rate

Up to 95% effectiveness in reversing hair loss for suitable candidates.

JK Laser Hair Cap for Men

Start your journey to fuller hair and restore confidence with JK Lasercap – the ultimate at-home solution for hair regrowth.

Up to 95% effectiveness in reversing hair loss for suitable candidates.

Pain Free Treatments

Enjoy the benefits without discomfort.

Visible Improvements

Notice thicker hair within weeks.

Enhanced Hair Growth

New hair growth typically observed from 2-3 months.

Improved Hair Quality

Experience better hair texture and condition.

Home Convenience

Clinical strength laser therapy available at home, with no need for clinic visits.

Advanced Technology

Superior Coverage

Our open beam technology covers the entire scalp, creating a uniform energy field that stimulates every follicle.

Maximum Power

With over 270 laser diodes, our JK Laser Cap surpasses others by a significant margin, ensuring deeper and more effective treatment.

FDA Approved

Utilizing approved laser beam spectrums, our system enhances blood flow to follicles and increases nutrient delivery, fostering a healthier scalp environment.

Book Your Consultation

Your new hair journey starts now! To book your consultation or for more information simply: