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Your Natural Solution to Hair Loss

The JK Difference

JK Hair Loss Shampoo and DHT blockers only contain natural ingredients to target the root cause of hair loss – DHT production. It is the first line of treatment for both men and women experiencing hair thinning.

Three Simple Steps to Thicker Hair

JK makes hair restoration easy with a three-step regimen

1 | JK Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

Cleanses the scalp of DHT and preps for optimal hair growth

2 | JK #2 Conditioner

Adds moisture to the scalp and hair

3 | JK DHT Blocker Supplement

Blocks DHT in the scalp which stops hair loss. Scientifically proven blend of vitamins and minerals for healthy, strong, vibrant hair.

How JK Works


Genetic Blueprint & DHT

Hair loss genes, triggered by the hormone DHT post-puberty, can be stopped and even reversed with our natural approach.

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Blocking Testosterone Entry

JK prevents testosterone from converting into DHT by blocking its entry into hair follicle cells.

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Inhibiting DHT Production

By targeting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme in follicle cells, JK effectively reduces DHT production.

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Stimulating Healthy Hair Growth

With reduced DHT, hair loss genes become dormant, allowing for the regrowth of healthy, normal hair, further enhanced by our active natural ingredients

Experience the transformative power of nature with JK – your path to thicker, fuller, healthier hair begins here.