Mary’s Story – Female Alopecia

From the age of twenty I have suffered from female alopecia .  For many years I stayed indoors. I was too embarrassed to go out in public, not even going to the local shop! It was a lonely time. After years, I decided enough was enough, I wanted my life back and it was time to do something about my hair loss. Looking back, I’m so glad I did. Although it wasn’t all plain sailing. I’m now in my fifties, and after many attempts to find someone that can do my hair exactly the way I want it, I am now a happy lady.

I used to leave other salons after my visit very unhappy. They couldn’t cut or even blow-dry the hair systems properly. Once my hair was bonded in place ‘back to front’, with my fringe at the back of my head! I don’t know how anyone could get it so wrong. It took two painful hours for the ‘stylist’ to de-bond it.

Jamie has looked after my hair for over five years now. He is extremely professional and is definitely a Top class Technician. I get compliments all the time about my hair, it looks so natural.  I was so pleased when Jamie told me about his new business venture a few years ago, and I could not recommend him more.

I’ve saved thousands of euros in these last five years in comparison to what I used to have to pay in the other salons.

Looking forward to my next appointment!


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