Robert’s Story

I thankfully found JK Hair Replacement, after having had a very disappointing experience with a very well known, large American Hair Replacement Company (with a UK branch in England).

Having known very little about hair replacement, I unfortunately put my trust in this company, thinking they could give me the advice and expertise needed to deal with me being new to hair replacement. I have suffered from male pattern baldness since early adulthood. My experience was very poor, from hair which was no-where near the colour required, hair which was much too dense, to an uncomfortable and poorly fitting system. The first fitting by them was wrinkled and lifting immediately upon leaving their premises, left me feeling very self-conscious.  Also the style cut by them wasn’t at all what I had asked for, yet their ‘team’ insisted it was great and it looked wonderful. It wasn’t explained to me that there are numerous system types, but instead they basically sold me what they wanted to sell to make the most profit, rather than what was best for me.

After a number of attempts to fix this system colour, and density using local hair salons, and improve the fit myself, I managed to find Jamie. 

Since finding JK Hair Replacement I now have a system, cut, and fitting, which is comfortable, undetectable, cut exactly to the style I desire, and to the colour I desire. Jamie is friendly, discrete, professional, and strives to ensure each system / fitting is perfect. Jamie also takes a lot of time and interest, fully explaining about the hair systems, types of system, fitting and products so you feel confident

If I had been stuck with dealing with the large American company, I don’t think I could have continued with the amount of time, and costs that would have been involved either. Every 4 weeks I would need to fly to England, hire a car, stay overnight in a Hotel, and pay for the hair fitting. The cost of this being about £400-£500 every 4 weeks, on top of the purchase price of the hair systems.

With JK Hair Replacement, no matter where you are in Ireland it’s a matter of a drive in the car, all done on the same day, and for a fraction of the price. Its also so handy that JK Hair Replacement is able to supply all the products for daily maintenance too.