Hair loss solutions Dublin

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1. JK Keraplus Shampoo

This beautiful conditioning shampoo has a gentle luxurious wash. Perfect for all hair systems and hair types.

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2. JK Fiber Fix – strong hold spray

Perfect for using after applying hair thickening fibers and for locking hair in place


JK DHT Blocker – Hair Regrowth Supplement (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE for a limited time only)

Our JK DHT Blocker has the correct balance of scientifically proven vitamins and minerals for healthy, strong, vibrant hair. The DHT Blocker element of this hair loss supplement blocks DHT in the scalp which stops hair loss. This supplement is suitable for men and women.


JK Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo – NEW FORMULA

JK Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is specifically formulated for hair loss, hair thinning, weak and/or damaged hair. It washes away harmful DHT which is known for causing hair loss. It is gentle yet effective.


JK Ice Bond – hair system adhesive bond

A strong hold system bond that is gentle for sensitive skin. Suitable for lace and skin systems.


JK Jungle Jel Hair Gel

A firm holding light fragrance gel which dries quickly saving time!


JK Kera Kleanse Shampoo

Rid hair of product build up and residues and restore your hair’s own natural shine with JK Kera Kleanse Shampoo!

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JK Lace Tape Boomerangs (36 pieces) Contour CC

Perfect for lace front support. It has a dull finish and strong hold


JK Lace Tape Roll (3 Yards – 108″)

Provides strong hold for lace hair systems


JK Laser Hair Growth Formula

JK Laser Hair Growth Formula for men and women helps maintain hair, scientifically proven to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.


JK Liqui-Bond – hair system adhesive bond

A superhold clear bond that can last up to 5-6 weeks. Suitable for lace and skin systems.


JK Matt Putty – thickens and styles hair

JK Matt Putty is a matt styling aid that helps your hair to look a lot thicker than traditional gels/waxes when applied.


JK Spider Fiber – Flexible Hair Styler

JK Spider Fiber hair styling paste is a medium hold soft feel styling tool perfect for moulding or shaping. A real client favourite!


JK Super Mini Strips Boomerangs (36 pieces)

Super mini strips have a dull finish and a strong hold.


Revivogen Conditioner ® Only €26.50

Revivogen Hair Thickening Conditioner is formulated to invigorate limp and thinning hair; moisturises and strengthens the hair shaft, adds volume and restores hair shine.


Revivogen Shampoo ® only €26.50

Revivogen Shampoo gently cleanses and removes Sebum and impurities from the scalp. It creates a healthy environment for hair to grow. For fine, thinning hair.