Refusions / Hair Maintenance Service for Men

JK Hair provides a refusions & hair maintenance service for all our clients.  The frequency of refusion / maintenance sessions are solely depending on the needs and preferences of the client. For hygiene reasons, it is advisable to return at least monthly for a refusion. However, Refusions and Hair Maintenance can be done weekly, 2 weekly , 3 weekly or monthly depending on the client’s preference and skin types. All our rooms are completely private, modern and comfortable with FREE Wifi so our clients can relax as they get their individually tailored treatment.  This involves:

1. Removal of hair system #1.
2. Scalp cleanse and exfoliation.
3. Your own hair cut.
4. Your hair system (#2) has been shampooed and conditioned prior to your visit.
5. Your hair system (#2) has been colour refreshed and is ready to go.
6. All tapes and bonds required.
7. Re-attachment of hair system #2.
8. Styling / blowdry etc.

Refusions & Hair Maintenance costs for Men

Two week Refusion / Maintenance (14 days or less since you were last in with us) – from €75

Three to Four week Refusion / Maintenance (15+ days since you were last in with us) – from €95

Refusions done at five weeks or more require additional time and work so an extra charge may apply.

Colour on System or own growing hair from €20

Cut ins and Fittings – from €150

If you would like a restyle on the system you are wearing, we offer the same high standards for this service. If the clinic you are attending are holding your spare systems, and you would like to move to us, we can cut these in for you.

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