JK Laser Hair Therapy for Men

Ireland’s leading treatment for thinning hair and hair loss 


JK Laser 

With up to a 95% success rate, JK Laser Hair Therapy is ideal for reversing hair loss with amazing results in a short space of time.
  • Convenient and safe
  • Pain Free!
  • Hair will appear thicker in the first few weeks of treatment
  • New hair growth can be seen from 2-3 months into treatment
  • Hair texture and hair condition can greatly improve
  • Clinical strength laser from the comfort of your own home
  • No clinic appointment needed


How it works………



It takes time to treat any hair loss condition. The earlier you catch it and begin treatment the better the results. Our JK Laser Cap Package is designed to give you clinic strength laser from the comfort of your own home and includes everything you need. We also have online support and phone support on hand for any questions you have. Email info@jkhr.ie or call us on 01-8824013.

JK Laser Hair Therapy: The Science

Our state of the art JK Laser Cap and in house Laser Hair Therapy machines emit the FDA approved and scientifically proven laser spectrum required for hair regrowth. Studies have shown the more lasers directed at the problem area, the faster the results. Many Laser Hair Therapy companies claim to use real lasers when in fact they are using LEDs which are not as effective at combating hair loss. Our Laser Cap contains a massive 272 real lasers to give you the best possible results. Other Laser Hair Therapy companies offer laser hair therapy using old out of date machines with few lasers. This will not give you optimal results. Our Laser Cap and our Laser machines incorporate leading edge technology and are the best and most effective laser machines for hair regrowth in Ireland and in the world!
 Our Laser works for men  of all ages, teens, 20s, 30, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and so on. There is no upper age limit. No.1 in Ireland for Laser Hair Therapy

“95% Success Rate!

Do JK Laser Hair Therapy from the comfort of your own home with our JK Lasercap!



JK Laser

JK technology and our JK Laser Cap are set apart from other low level laser hair therapy systems with our unique laser dispersion technology. Jamie was unhappy with the way traditional Lasers for hair regrowth worked so he developed our unique laser dispersion technology in tandem with a leading Italian Laser Hair Specialist Company. Many other home laser and clinical laser systems utilize a ‘rifle’ effect of collimated beams (cent-sized spots that hit the scalp) whereas JK has revolutionized this technology and delivers laser energy to the scalp with a ‘shotgun’ approach. This approach ensures every part of the scalp surface receives laser energy at the base of the hair follicle 8 – 10mm deep. JK Laser Technology uses an open beam that utilises the optimal wavelength to reach the hair follicle. The laser beam is allowed to spread-out (‘shotgun’ approach) and soak the entire scalp continuously, during the complete time .of treatment, creating a uniform laser energy field and essentially one ‘giant laser beam’ that covers the entirety of the patient’s scalp.

Laser Hair Therapy in Ireland

Using FDA approved laser beam spectrums’, our JK Laser unit has over 400 laser diodes. This is more than 5 times the average amount of lasers other clinic’s machines have. Each diode emits the maximum mW so that maximum results are achieved. JK Laser Technology attacks hair loss at a cellular level using Bio-Stimulation to energize weakened follicles.
It works by improving blood flow to the hair follicle by up to 54% after only one treatment. Improved blood microcirculation to the hair follicle increases the nutrients the hair follicle receives. It enhances the follicles ability to dispose of cellular waste and chemical by products.

Laser Hair Therapy in Dublin

Results of JK Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy from Month 1 to Month 7. Note: In pictures 4 and 5 the hair is wet. This is to show the significant increase in hair volume.

  Laser Hair Therapy Dublin


What research has been done on LLLT?

JK Laser Hair Therapy and Hair Transplants

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